Update on Covid Guidelines from Bishop Fintan Gavin

Published on March 11, 2022

Bishop Fintan sent the following message to all parishes recently:

Protective Measures

It is important that people are encouraged to continue wearing a face covering in the church while priests and Eucharistic Ministers should continue to wear a face covering for the distribution of Holy Communion and in any other liturgical settings that require close contact with people. Hand sanitiser should continue to be provided at entrance and exit doors of churches. It is important that dispensers should be replenished regularly.

Holy Water Fonts

Holy Water fonts can be used again.

Choirs, Cantors and Church Music Groups

The gradual return of choirs, cantors and church music groups is a welcome step now that we are in the Season of Lent and approach Holy Week and Easter taking into account such risk mitigation measures as good ventilation and mask-wearing. A diocesan webinar for choirs and church music groups will be arranged in the coming weeks.

Parish Ministries

All other parish ministries including Altar Servers, Ministers of the Word and Eucharist, Funeral Ministry, Baptismal Ministry should resume taking all risk mitigation measures into account.