Message from Bishop Fintan Gavin

Published on October 21, 2022

As we enter into the new pastoral year it appears that we will have to learn to live with covid in the safest way possible.

Reception of Holy Communion

People may receive either in the hand or on the tongue.

Face Coverings

While people are no longer obliged to wear face coverings in churches some may continue to do so by choice. However, for the distribution of Holy Communion, Priests, Deacons and Ministers of the Eucharist should continue to wear a face covering and to sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion.

Taking Up of Offertory and Second Collections

It is important that all offertory and separate second collections are restored and taken up as in pre covid times during the celebration.

Parish Ministries

All ministries such as choirs, music ministry, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist, altar servers, funeral ministry, baptism ministry and other such parish groups should be reinstated.

The ‘Do This in Memory’ parish programme in preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of First Holy Communion as well as parish based Confirmation preparation programmes are to resume.

Livestreaming of Masses

While livestreaming of Masses was valuable during the pandemic, it’s not a real substitute for being present in-person to participate in the gathering of the faith community. Understandably people with health or age-related restrictions will still need to participate in Mass via livestream and in order for this to happen, I would ask that parishes continue to livestream a limited number of Masses.

Additional Weekend Masses

Additional Weekend Masses that were arranged during the pandemic should be finally discontinued.

Holy Water Fonts

Holy Water should be available in Fonts.

Station Masses

There is no reason why Station Masses cannot be restored. This again will depend on how the virus behaves during the winter months.


I appreciate that as we continue to live with covid this brings its own challenges so I would urge you to use common sense and your own judgement.

Yours sincerely in Christ

✠ Fintan Gavin

Bishop of Cork and Ross