Funeral Teams

A number of parishes in the diocese have Pastoral Teams for Funerals in place. The role and work of the Pastoral team is to be there with a family to guide and advise them as they plan the funeral of their loved one. Above all, they will be there to reassure the bereaved family, to help in making the funeral more personal, meaningful and prayerful as well as leading some of the prayers, beginning in the funeral home, like the Rosary and on occasions the removal prayers. 

Pastoral Teams for funerals will not replace the priest. He will continue his ministry with the bereaved, celebrate the funeral Mass and the graveside prayers. The Pastoral Team will work alongside him as we all strive to minister the love, mercy, consolation and compassion of Christ to all who suffer such loss. 

If you would like to get involved in training to become part of the Pastoral Team for Funerals, please contact the Parish Office: 028 22828